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European Color Software
ColorECSpert Software
General :
ColorECSpert is a new generation of Windows based color formulation software, Quality Control software developed by European Color Software. Its unique mathematics make it a valuable tool for both the new and experienced colorist.
All Industries:

The same software package provides solutions for all kinds of industries: offset printing, flexo printing, screen printing, textile dying and printing, paints, coatings, plastics, ceramics, …

All types of applications:

Unlike other programs, ColorECSpert does not differentiate between transparent, translucent and hiding applications. All of them are handled by the same mathematics and can work with one and the same database. So, there is no need to create separate databases for transparent and non transparent applications, which will reduce the time needed for database preparation to a minimum.
ColorECSpert speaks your language.
ColorECSpert is available in a number of languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean, …) Other languages can easily be added so that any user can have the software in his own language.
User Tailored Reports – Data Exchange with Excel.
Using the report generator, the user can create his own report formats for printout of the results of both  quality control and formulation results.
Automatic data exchange with Microsoft Excel is also possible.
Use the Internet to communicate.
Data Exchange via E Mail. ColorECSpert allows automatic data exchange using E Mail. Data from the program (both measurements and recipes) can be sent fully automatic to the customer or supplier.