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ColorECSpert Portable Spectro's
MA68II Portable Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer

The MA68II Spectrophotometer is a rugged, compact design for fast, precise color measurement information on metallic, pearlescent, and special effect finishes. Its full range of angular viewing ensures complete, accurate readings that reduce downtime and wasted material. Color values are obtained for the following colorimetric systems: L*a*b*, ∆L*∆a*∆b*, L*C*h˚, ∆L*∆C*∆H*, Flop Index, ∆Flop Index, ∆E*L*a*b*, ∆ECMC.

Product Features:
Easy to use, portable, lightweight, with LCD display.
Measuring time per sample within 2 seconds.
Dynamic Rotation Sampling (DRS) is an exclusive optical technology that provides for simultaneous measurement of all angles.
Rechargeable battery, allows for remote use.
Accessible long-term data—remote operation permits storage of measurement data for retrieval and printing to aid in maintaining color standards.
Supported by unprecedented two-year warranty.
The graphical capabilities of the Metallix-QA program allow for application- specific bitmapping for advanced comparison.