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Munsell ColorChecker Chart
The ColorChecker is a checkerboard array of 24 scientifically prepared colored squares in a wide range of colors. Many of these squares represent natural objects of special interest, such as human skin, foliage and blue sky. These squares are not only the same color as their counterparts, but also reflect light the same way in all parts of the visible spectrum. Because of this unique feature, the squares will match the colors of natural objects under any illumination and with any color reproduction process.

The ColorChecker provides a totally non-subjective standard of comparison to help determine the true color balance of any color rendition system. It provides the needed standard for comparing, measuring and analyzing differences in color reproduction in various processes, thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

Product Features:
Photography: Check films, lights, filters and paper
Graphic Arts: Check any printing or proofing process
Digital Imaging: Check scanners, monitors and proofing devices
Cinematography, Television and Video: Check cameras, monitors, lights and film