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European Color Software
ColorECSpert Benchtop Spectro's
CounterTop 700 (CF57 / CF57U)

Depending on your preferences and your retail paint database, we’ll help you choose right spectrophotometer, a sphere or 45°/0° geometry.

Product Features:
45°/0° based geometry
Ideal for high-volume paint retailers
Compact, rugged and reliable
Consistent, accurate readings of smooth or textured surfaces
Built-in captive white calibration reference
Removable sample holder for measurement of unique samples
Measures samples 1/2" or larger.

ColorEye 2180

The ColorEye 2180UV spectrophotometer defines the price/performance for satellite color measurement systems. This sphere-based, compact instrument combines affordability with true measurement accuracy and integrity. Its data compatibility with the ColorEye 7000A and Color i5 makes it the perfect choice for a color management network. And its rugged construction will stands up to the production floor environment and provide years of uncompromising performance.

Product Features:
Reflection sample measurement capabilities
Inter-instrument agreement assures data compatibility with other ColorEye 2180UV, ColorEye XTH, ColorEyeXTS, Color i5 and ColorEye 7000A models.
Motorized SCE/SCI controls simplify measuring pure color or simulating how the human eye responds to surface effects such as gloss or texture.
Manual UV controls for UV calibration and adjustment and UV included / excluded measurement ensure accurate results.
Two measurement aperture sizes are available to provide versatility in dealing with various sample sizes.
Grating based dual-beam optical design provides greater consistency and long term stability.
Pulsed xenon long-life light source.