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European Color Software
The name European Color Software has been recognized for outstanding quality in the manufacture of Color Formulation Software, Quality Control Software and measurement of color. For more than 20 years ECS has worked and engineered in the Computerised Color Matching (CCM) field and has grown out to be an experienced partner in the field of color control for many Companies.
Today, ECS policy still focuses on a high technical level and a highly innovative orientation. With partners all over the globe European Color Software is able to offer local support to many countries outside the domestic market.
Thanks to years of development and unique manthematical algorithms European Color Software offers a ColorECSpert softwareplatform that outperfoms all existing products on the market today and maintains the ease of use that production Companies are looking for.

European Color Software holds offices in Antwerp, Belgium

                                                Esmoreitlaan 13 bus 32
                                                Postal Code 2050 Antwerp, Belgium
                                                Tel.: (Int.+32) 3 - 219 03 35
                                                Fax.: (Int.+32) 3 - 219 64 89
                                                E-mail: ecs@ ecsbelg.com